Three Leaves Take A Step On The Elevated Side

Designed by transform design, Three Leafs is transformed with two sets of designs for two types of packages. One design features a solid base color against an off-white background with silver typography depicting the flavor, while the other takes advantage of patterns in complementing colors and gold letterings.

“The series of Three Leafs new packaging inherits the initial spirit of ‘Tasting the good tea and appreciating the land’, promoting the new six scented tea and six whole-leaf teas. Taking tea culture as a background, Three Leafs views tea tasting as a natural life attitude. The starting point of this new packaging strategy is to separate the initial boutique gift box position, and to develop the products that suitable for daily used and close to life. Every leaves and buds from Three Leafs are quenched into different aroma by the hands of tea craftsmen, spreading the fragrance to people who embrace the same enthusiasm for this land.”


“Different from the initial dark color that emphasizes high quality, this series of color system uses light and soft base to convey a relaxed and comfortable living atmosphere. The pure and exquisite light colors are chosen for six of whole leaf teas. From the texture of paper, the customers can feel the simplicity and temperature of the original leaf tea directly. In addition, the other six scented tea are endowed with more visual ingenuity. The patterns of scented tea packagings are inspired by the Chinese word "Three" and "Leafs", reassembling the strokes into various geometric lines, and the English word "TEA" also follows the same method to develop a more delicate and elegant image.”


Agency: Transform Design
Art Director: Leo Huang
Designers: Celine Shen
Location: Taiwan