Sweet Dragon Baking Co. Delivers A Sweet Treat


Design Womb delivers a vibrant and delicious slew of packaging for San Francisco-based sweet store, Sweet Dragon Baking Co. This design features a vivid red box, with contrasting font colors and a sneak peak of the treat inside. 

"Sweet Dragon Baking Co. started in the San Francisco Bay area, crafting more than candy. The brand is known for its delicious and exotic baked goods and their unique spin on a boldly flavored retail line of addictive candy brittle."


"Design Womb delivered a bold and powerful brand identity that celebrates that this is not only a fantasy-inspired candy brand that is made with amazing ingredients, but that the brand also prides itself on adventurous flavor explorations. This visual bold personality is infused with strong color, refined typography, and a whimsical brand voice in its copywriting, brand identity, and packaging design. Our art direction and execution of this food and product photography celebrates this treat's vibrant design and the fun nature of discovering your new favorite candy.


The products are built to have a strong brand blocking effect on-shelf, so buyers can immediately identify the fun flavors available and know they are in for a bold bite.


Agency: Design Womb
Design & Creative Direction: Nicole LaFave
Photography by Teri Lyn Fisher
Location: Chicago & San Francisco, USA