Playful Characters Grace The Packaging of Balloon & Whisk


Pastel color boxes adorned with playful cartoons of characters interacting with the type of treat is a splendid design done by Thinking Room for Ballon & Whisk. Imagine a little boy swinging cookies or a child floating through the air with chocolate chip cookies. 

"A cake shop in Northern Jakarta, Balloon & Whisk sells various flavours of cookies, cakes, wine and tea. These things, often times, are not bought by people for themselves but as gifts for whom they care about. A simple, yet powerful display of endearment which reminds the receivers that they're on one's mind. And it is in Balloon & Whisk's spirit to facilitate such sweet acts of gifting."


"The branding revolves around the 'light' or 'air' theme, a theme shared in common by 'balloon' and 'whisk'. Balloon contains air, whereas whisk is a cooking utensil used to incorporate air into a mixture. The 'light' theme is prominent as well in the illustrated characters, each representing different flavours and delicacies.


Agency: Thinking Room
Creative Director: Eric Widjaja
Graphic Designer: Ira Carella
Photographer: Ritter Willy Putra
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia