Nomikai Adds A Chic Twist To Rosé In A Can


Designed by Dutch East Design, Nomikai takes your typical rosé in a can to a whole new level. Between the hard shift in colors, from white to a peach gradient, and the clean pops of navy blue for the typography and label, Nomikai should be the beverage of choice for your next get together. 

"Nomikai is an expanding startup canned wine and cocktail company. The company’s first product, Nomikai Fizzy Rosé, makes use of a diverse selection of vineyards across the sunny state of California and is sold in 187ml single-serving cans that are portable, smashable, and ready to enjoy." 


Agency: Dutch East Design
Creative Directors: William Oberlin, Dieter Cartwright, Larah Moravek
Designer: Maria Johnson
Photography: Steph Goralnick
Location: New York, USA