Eye-catching Packaging with Sushi Junction


Lee Ching Tat completely transformed Sushi Junction and supplied the restaurant with upscale branding that's as eye-catching as the food itself. 

"Sushi Junction serves the most authentic Sushi rolls in an online delivery model in Delhi NCR. It is the first Japanese restaurant in India to offer a wide variety of authentic and international Sushi rolls as well as those inspired by Indian flavors. The first unit is located in Gurgaon, the second one in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi.

Sushi Junction makes sure that each order is handcrafted with fresh, high quality imported ingredients with strict standards of hygiene, preparation and packaging. The aim to make each order an experience worth cherishing with your family and friend."


"In this project, the most difficult thing is to integrate the aesthetics of Indian and Japanese through design. Although they are all Asian countries, they have very different views on aesthetics. Our goal is to find out what is common between Indian and Japanese. 
Sushi junction bring a wind of revolution through food. We keep this will to develop a new brand image of sushi junction."


Brand Design & Illustration: Lee Ching Tat 李政達
Location: Tokyo, Japan