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Identité – The Bespoke Beauty and Grooming Service Powered By AI

Leading design and innovation company Seymourpowell have developed Identité, a brand-new concept that uses AI to curate and deliver bespoke collections of beauty products that anticipate your day or week ahead. Drawing on their global research into the beauty consumers of tomorrow, the app-based service uses algorithms to analyse both big data, such as climate and style trends, and personal data, such as your schedule, exercise patterns and diet. The concept marks a new shift towards AI-powered beauty and skin care.

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Volcano Coffee Uses Compostable Pods for At Home Use

Outside of the exquisite design work, Volcano Coffee At Home ethically trades and sources their premium coffee beans and uses 100% compostable Nespresso-compatible pods. That's right, not only do you get the same great taste from the comfort of your home, but you're also leaving zero traces that the even product existed.

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