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Get Your Build On With Primo's Toy Blocks

The project’s objectives were to create playful packaging for the Cubetto Playset and all its expansion packs. The purpose was to create a consistent range look across all packs, and a format that can be repeated for future products. The design had to communicate the functionality of all the products through product photography, copy, and illustrations.

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GreeThings From Croatia

What happens when a design firm compares the culture of Croatia with experience? Bright and oh so very colorful packages for Croatia's products tea, natural honey, puzzles, aromatic wine and much more. This design by Magdalena Krpina Zdilar features a solid color on the top, equipped with a white logo and black print and 70s realness swirls on the bottom. 

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28 Stunning Playing Card Designs

Playing Cards are so much more than a stack of thick pieces of paper used for entertainment. Often times they're decorated and adorned with beautiful illustrations and foiled elements that elevate them to become more of a collector's item. With the amount of beautiful card decks out there, we wanted to highlight some of the most unique. Check out our 28 stunning playing card designs.

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