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Travel the World with This Bookstore Packaging

A good book can take you to faraway places and give you experiences you’ve never even dreamed of. When the Swedish bookstore Akademibokhandeln needed packaging for their shop and online, they turned to Garbergs_Project to develop something that would highlight the power of reading. Black and white text allow the splashes of red to truly pop, and act as the perfect canvas for contributions from authors and illustrators.

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Elephant Magazine has Packaging You Won’t Want to Toss

When you get a magazine in the mail, you’re usually most concerned with turning those first few pages and getting into the articles. But Kind Studio used packaging as an opportunity to extend the brand for Elephant Magazine. Instead of opening the box and tossing it, you’re able to make something from it—adding an interactive and simply fun element into receiving a new magazine in the mail.

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CHOMP - Food Chain Puzzle Books

Take a look at these clever puzzles that educate and entertain. CHOMP is a small library of puzzle books that help to teach children about the food chain. Mirim Seo broke CHOMP up into five different environments that all pack away neatly next to each other in a small, wooden case.

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