BINBOX Is Serving Up A Dash Of Clever & Cute


BINBOX is serving up a dash of clever and cute with each of their designs by Parametro Studio. One of the designs features the playful logo of a smiling coffee cup steaming from the top with the letters spelling "BINBOX" strategically placed around each type of packaging in shades of peach, while the other spells out "Despierta" in white lettering against a green background. 

"How about a nice cup of coffee before your economics class to start your day? BINBOX is a new coffee shop coming to high-schools and universities. The design proposal had to be vibrant and simple, a brand identity with a positive vibe for a young target." 


"We took the container-shop (a huge metallic box) as well as the coffee bean as inspiration for the naming, BINBOX. The main inspiration for the graphic development was the nice feeling after taking a sip from a coffee mug, so we created a happy coffee mug as the main character and icon for the brand."


Agency: Parametro Studio
Location: Monterrey, Mexico