Doctors Orders Serves Up A Unique Take On Bitters

Concepted by Jena Salvatore, Doctors Orders sought inspiration from the original use of bitters. Packaged in a traditional brown glass bottle and paired with a fun, colorful label, these bitters will undoubtedly be a hit at your next gathering. 

"Doctors Orders is a line if coffee bitters that will enhance any cocktail, both alcoholic and not. Bitters were originally a staple in most apothecaries and mainly given as medicine. The bottles used are reminiscent of old medicine bottles that could have been seen in one of these shops, however with a new and modern design. Bitters are now used as a blend of herbs and spices to add to any drink. This set of bitters comes with a tri-fold pamphlet that gives cocktail recipe recommendations for each bitter flavor. These coffee flavored bitters will appeal to the coffee lover and cocktail enthusiast, being exactly what the Doctor Ordered."


Designer: Jena Salvatore