Substrate: Molded Fiber

Trafiq - Club, Restaurant & Bar

Trafiq - Club, Restaurant & Bar

bohemian brand and atmosphere for Trafiq, one of the newest bars in downtown Budapest. The goal was to revive the vibe of the late 19th to early 20th century, while reinterpreting a vintage style mixed with a modern atmosphere. To accomplish this, Kissmilkos created everything from the branding, to interior graphics, to the restaurant's packaging.

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Le Petit Parisien

Le Petit Parisien

Le Petit Parisien was borne out of our genuine love for French fare. The bakery, the patisserie and the unique culture that is the French coffee shops of 1920s Paris. What Dynamo set out to create is a slice of Paris life, a warm corner of aromatic France in the heart of Dublin.

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Cuvée Olivier Chablis

10 02 13 cuveeolivierchablis 1

Olssøn Barbieri was tasked with designing the packaging of Domaine de Vauroux's latest addition to its family vineyard, Cuvée Olivier Chablis.

Cuvée Olivier Chablis is an elegant and pure French wine and their packaging needed to match its taste. Since Domaine de Vauroux was establish in the 1960, the era that André Courrèges (the French fashion designer) debuted and made stripes a French icon - it was only right that Cuvée Olivier Chablis carried this connection. The paper selected was specifically chosen to feature a hot *folied in gold. The sheep, grape, and grain illustration on the logo are all traits of the vineyard.

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Pop Artist, Jeff Koons creates a Special Edition "Balloon Venus Vessel" for Dom Pérignon

07 03 13 jeffkoons domperignon 1

Pop Artist, Jeff Koons in collaboration with Dom Pérignon Champagne created a special edition vessel for Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003. The vessel is a replica of his 8 ft high chromium stainless steel riff on the “Venus of Willendorf.” Produced in the style of his “balloon” sculptures, the piece is a tribute to the 25,000-year-old fertility totem considered to be one of the earliest known depictions of the human form.

At two-foot tall polyurethane resin version of his “Balloon Venus”, forms an extravagant nesting doll, holding the bottle of Dom Pérignon inside the sculpture’s belly. The production of the champagne and sculptural package limited edition is limited to only a few hundred and retails at about $20,000 (per request).

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The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Fresh Food, 2nd Place - Kefolonia Fisheries

DLAwards13 freshfood2 1

Mousegraphics designed the consumer's next move: a fresh, cleaned and ready to be consumed fish. It does not require but the simplest cooking, using only fine herbs which will bring out its unique qualities and taste. A differentiating band, on an otherwise transparent packaging, offers much more than the image of a serving suggestion. It works like an x-ray image of a pure product of Greek nature, as well as a preview of the particular culinary experience, the moment just - before-eating, when a fish is opened and all fine scents and juices are liberated.

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Brand Spotlight / Giveaway: NOOKA


This Brand Spotlight focuses on NOOKA who were kind enough to send us some über cool samples of their latest and greatest packaging. We thought it'd be even cooler if we could do a NOOKA giveaway and give these amazing products away to our U.S. readers!

"NOOKA Inc. is a small independent brand based in New York City creating products that intersect the worlds of art, design and fashion.

NOOKA's mission is to: Create physical manifestations of ideas, Promote universal communication via the form and visual language of fashion and design, and to Bring a techno-progressivist set of expectations to the world of ordinary objects."

Check out all the packaging goodness below, and enter the giveaway below!

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Redesigning the Coffee Cup


58 billion paper cups are thrown away - and are not recycled - every year. In a contest hosted by Jovoto, and partly sponsored by Starbucks and Core77, the Betacup project has the goal to find the best ideas to eliminate paper cup consumption. What could be a more sustainable alternative? This entry, by Miller Creative, solves this problem, in a realistic, manufacturable, and eco-friendly way. Check it out below.

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Mongkol Praneenit’s Lightbulb Packaging

Via: Definitive Touch


As the world changes, so too must we change with it, and Mongkol Praneenit’s lightbulb packaging is a perfect example of this principle. The design is simple, effective, and eco-conscious, suitable for General Electric’s new high-performance, low-carbon footprint lightbulbs. If a company as old and as set in its ways as GE can change, can’t we all?


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