Dona Spice Sodas Are Bringing A Clean Typographic Approach


We love the clean typographic approach for these tea beverages. Zachary Ruden designed the look for Dona Chai, a spice tea soda brand.

“About the company: Dona Chai is an indie maker of spice-based tea concentrates & sodas. Thoughtful ingredients, quality focused, spice obsessed. We began in March of 2014, brewing chai concentrates. Since then, we've discovered our love for spices. They are beautiful, exotic, and versatile beyond masala chai & savory foods.

We bring you news: We now make a thing called Spice Sodas.

Pink Peppercorn Lemon

Turmeric Honeybush

Juniper Lime”


“Brewed in house, with real spices, herbs & flowers, and less sugar.

Our branding was intentional. This line, compared to our classy, timeless concentrates, is bold, wacky, poppy, and fun. It is a true reflection of what is inside the can.

They are now being produced. We will begin with NYC distribution next week.”


Designed By: Zachary Ruden

Location: Brooklyn, NY USA