Krakakoa Is Here To Take You On A Tour of Indonesia


KYUB Studio designed the packaging for Krakakoa, a premium chocolate that aims to take you on a journey throughout Indonesia.

“Krakakoa is a premium chocolate product from Indonesia. Committed to sharing the quality products from the archipelago, Krakakoa launched the single origins edition with four different flavours from four different islands in Indonesia that produce cocoa beans: Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Bali. To emphasise the spirit of each island, the packaging concept uses endemic animals.

Furthermore, an introductory guide to the islands, cocoa beans and the chocolate-making process was exclusively designed and printed as part of the packaging, in order to introduce the Indonesian chocolate experience to the consumer.”


Design: KYUB Studio
Animation: Glenn Marcel
Art Direction: Andre Liongson
Client: PT. Aneka Coklat Kakoa
Printing: Ferdi Trihadi
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia