This Wine Label Comes With Seriously Striking Illustrations


This wine label stands out with its use of vibrant illustrations. Richárd Kelemen & Rebeka Molnár created the label for this special Hungarian wine.

“János Márkvárt Jr. is a Hungarian winemaker from the historic wine-growing region of Szekszárd, who began his career by his grandfather’s side at 1996. By now he produces his own wine on his own land, of which he knows every little hill and valley thoroughly. This label family concept was created within the framework of the Bortársaság’s competition.”


“Each label incorporates János Márkvárt Jr.'s logo which was completed with a simple typographic system and a set of non-figurative illustrations, which reflect to the taste, attributes and mood of each wine.

Kadarka: A vivid, refreshing, crispy and flavorsome wine with lots of cherries, rosehips and green herbs.

Kékfrankos: Expressive and fruity with strong barrel notes, delicious and soft tannins with vast dynamism.

Rosé cuvée: Fresh and crispy with red currant, cherry and a pleasant sweetness at the end of the sip.”


“The proportion of illustration and typographic elements makes the label’s visual appearance harmonic yet energetic. All these elements are surrounded by a clear white frame, which separates the illustration from the color of the bottle, that makes the otherwise youthful illustrations more elegant. The logo has a subtle, simple typographic visuality, which also depicts the signature what reflects the personal touch of winemaking.”


Logo & Typography: Richárd Kelemen

Illustrations: Rebeka Molnár

Photography: Richárd Kelemen & Rebeka Molnár

Location: Budapest