Rebel Cookie's Branding and Packaging Comes With a Fun Patterned Look


Gordon Reid designed the eye-catching patterned packaging and branding for Rebel Cookie, a new bakery.

“I was commissioned by two ex advertising folk who had this great idea to create a reactive bakery to whatever social media frenzy was happening in the world.

This was an opportunity for me not to miss as I knew I had two people here who really wanted to create an exciting brand and fun design. So thankfully they had the trust to let me really go a bit wild with the branding.”


“The brand was built around the strong wordmark and striking colours. From there I created a large brand illustration with core elements that can be pulled out and used for other sections of the brand. Once the brand and core illustration was created, we got down to the website, social, packaging, stand design, outdoor advertising and loads of merch.”


Designed By: Gordon Reid

Location: London