This French Pâté Packaging Is Striking Yet Approachable


When it comes to food, nothing is as French as a pâté. Maison D’idee designed this conceptual packaging for Ferme Sauvage, a line of pâtés that come with a striking yet down-to-earth feel.

 “At the beginning we told ourselves that this design will be based on three things. A wood-carving illustration, single-color print and an easy branding based on relaxing, calligraphic typography in form of a blown-out logo.”


“According to us, the packaging design for the Ferme Sauvage project should feel like a harmonic connection of a craftsman approach to graphic design, single-color theme for the packaging by design and also a modern look at aesthetic in this field.

 We didn’t want the product to feel unnecessarily luxurious or unobtainable; on the contrary, we were striving for a balance between playfulness, a modern feel and a traditional craftsman work.”


“Our talented illustrator took the opportunity to create a series of beautiful pictures of animals. A cute duck, a running rabbit and a mighty boar support each other visually and create some sort of continuity. That helps their functionality as a secondary graphical element within the visual identity of the project. Getting such a good looking and functional series of graphical elements is great for creating other marketing materials (both DTP or online) to follow. The use of them is limitless.”


Designed By: Maison D’idee

Creative Director: Martin Kušpál

Location: Prague, Czech Republic