Podpunkt) Designs The Baby Care Product of Our Dreams


By: Casha Doemland

Babies are the gentlest of humans, and their products should be made, or at least purchased, with that fact that in mind.

Fortunately for you and your tiny bundles of joy (or terror), Hagi, a natural handmade cosmetic company based out of Poland, has launched Hagi Baby, a line dedicated to infants and children. Just like collections prior, their products use almost zero additives and focus on clean ingredients like freshly pressed oils, delicate butter and plant extracts.

When the time came to design the packaging, Hagi Baby stayed faithful to Podpunkt), the creative agency who helped brand the company five years prior.

"We created the logo, identity and packaging for all the cosmetics, which were recently only dedicated to women,"  states Magdalena Dobruk, partner and customer relationship manager at Podpunkt). " When the new line of baby cosmetics arose, we decided it would be more playful and express all the love and happiness the new life entails. Of course, we still wanted the product to be part of the brand which is simple and elegant."

They thought to themselves, what is more fitting for a baby brand than cute animals?

"While it’s quite an obvious and common solution," starts Dobruk, "we spread the animal around the packaging – you can see the head from one angle and the rear from another – since these are the body parts that require the most attention in a baby."

With pastel watercolor designs against a white background, all of the animals are displayed in a soft manner. The original design featured holographic foil to illustrate the purity of water, and while the Podpunkt) team felt pleased with the work, they knew it wasn’t sustainable. They went back to the drawing board and discovered a similar effect with colorful gradients that could be printed directly on the box.

“The white background stands for pure, safe and delicate natural ingredients." begins Dobruk. "While the pastel gradients show the glittering of light on the water surface, but also soap bubbles and playfulness, the things that a baby's bath brings to mind."

There are even little icons, one of which is a baby buttock (the company's product design), to mark the type of product and where it should be applied.

"We like to think about function and usability, not only beautiful design,” adds Dobruck.

Hard work and well thought out designs pay off, as this past June, Podpunkt) received the 2018 Gold Medal Award for Health & Beauty Packaging at the European Design Awards. This powerhouse and collaborative team successfully added a new line while delivering the same respect and love of nature Hagi is known for.


Casha Doemland

LA-based and Georgia-bred, Casha Doemland spends her days crafting poetry and freelance writing. Over the last two years, she’s been published in a variety of publications and zines around the world. When she’s not nerding out with words, you can catch her watching a classic film, trekking around the globe or hanging out with a four-pound Pomeranian.

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