Jolly Molly is an Eye-Catching Conceptual Chocolate Brand


We love this colorful type-focused conceptual chocolate packaging.

“In today's world we long for inspiration and dream to try something new and unusual. That's how we came up with the idea to develop a unique chocolate brand with unconventional tastes and creative design and packaging.

We have developed a new brand concept and creative packaging of Jolly Molly chocolate - a product for sophisticated connoisseurs, for those who are open to experiments and ready to try something new and unique in many ways.”


“Back in 1865 in the English city of Bristol there lived a girl named Jolly Molly. She was a very curious and restless inventor. Walking through the forest, she was dreaming of a fairy-tale chocolate country where secrets and adventures would wait her at every turn. Her passion and dream to open a secret of eternal happiness inspired her father to found a factory which makes chocolate with unusual tastes to these days.

So this is Jolly Molly — chocolate for amazing girls who cannot sit still and always desire something unusual.”


“Juicy, bright and minimalistic packaging design instantly attracts attention and raises the mood. The colors of packages play the role of indicators that reflect a variety of taste experiences. Each chocolate bar is divided into 30 separate segments, which can be shared with a large group of friends. Large letters on the chocolate slices add some interesting tactile sensations to the taste.”


Designed By: Dotorg

Location: Russia, Moscow