Who Gives a Crap Comes Out With New Packaging For Their Cheeky Toilet Paper


Who Gives a Crap has come out with a new look for their cheeky toilet paper. Their new packaging is comprised of a more elegant look for their premium rolls and a fun patterned update for their recycled toilet paper.

“We have new packaging! We know, our stripes were like, soooo 2012, which is embarrassing. Ok, we still have stripes, but these new ones are definitely different. Sleeker. More fun. And the great news is, we’re beginning to phase them into our warehouses starting this week!

PS - We updated our logo too, and spent most of our time making the ‘W’ look more like a bum.”


"’One of our core values is 'Surprise and Delight'. When we first designed our packaging it felt fresh and delightful, but after years of looking at it in our bathrooms, we were ready for a change—and we knew our customers were too. We tweaked our logo to make the w look more like a bum, updated our colors to be more bright and contemporary, and introduced new designs and patterns. And, of course, the copy on the back of packages has been completely rewritten, and we're sure it'll surprise and delight everyone who reads it!’ - Danny Alexander, Chief Creative Officer”