Check Out The Luxurious Packaging For This Home Fragrance Favorite


SERVAIRE&CO helped design this stunningly gorgeous packaging for French luxury brand Diptyque’s Hourglass, a special home fragrance.

“The agency pursues its collaboration with diptyque through the design and the packaging of its new Hourglass, one of the house’s iconic product, which was initially patented and designed by the agency.”


“This hourglass renews the poetic promise of setting a dialogue between homescent and time with an hourglass-shaped diffusing scent, with an ever-more exclusive design.”


“A unique silhouette or a unique glass coating now differentiates each of the 6 fragrances, which asserts the House’s decorative universe and pays tribute to to its eclectic inspirations. Its cold-diffusing technology delivers perfume notes through ingenious wicks, which number is now increased to widen the diffusion era, through a new patent. The Hourglass remains a sustainable initiative with an unchanged refilling system.”


Designed By: SERVAIRE&CO
Art Directors: Sébastien Servaire / Candido de Barros
Photographer: Arnaud Guffon
Client: Diptyque
Location: France