DIY Your Own Home Scents with SMULD HOUSE

Scent is more than just a powerful sense—it can also get wrapped up in your identity. Huei-Tai Chen developed this elegant concept for SMULD HOUSE, an elegant line of incenses and fragrances you can customize to your liking.

“The word ‘Perfume’ contains ‘Per’ and ‘Fumum’ meaning “Through’ and ‘Smoke’ in Latin.”

“People wear the essentials of the natural environment by passing through the smoke. These smokes not only fill the space, but also infiltrate the hair, fabric, and skin of people. Many ancient religions connected their gods with the smells of fragrant plant materials. People believe that burning these substances can keep negative powers away. At the same time, making smoke is a way to extract ‘soul’ from different raw materials.”

“This product line offers all natural raw ingredients of fragrance and simple tools for people to customize their personalized scents. It is designed to allow the creation of personalized material fragrance for people and their living space. Individualized results are achieved by mix & match of different ingredients and quantities. The different smells will be the unique identity of every single individual.”


Designed by: Huei-Tai Chen

Country: United States