TRT Health Moon Cake 2015

Happiness, prosperity, longevity, and joy. These are some of the most important aspects of traditional Chinese culture. Lu Shuihua and Sun Bo utilized this as their overall conceptual design inspiration for TRT Health Moon Cakes 2015. TRT Health has over 300 years of brand equity, so Shuihua and Bo had to create a design deeply rooted in history and tradition but also one that would appeal to the customer of today.

“The Chinese traditional culture of dragon, deer, cranes, and magpies, four auspicious animals. Using modern design technique of expression, the essence of traditional Hwan issued era temperament, bold with color, both traditional and modern graphic expression, making the overall package vivid with traditional flavor, and has impressed by the unique style of fashionable.”

The moon cakes use extraordinary colors along with each animal to distinguish each package. While the boxes are aesthetically beautiful at first glance, the respect for traditional Chinese culture contributes a much deeper meaning. Each creature is colored in with a pattern, adding texture to the image.

“In the traditional expression and ‘Tongrentang’ brand temperament fusion, ‘respect for the ancient and not rigidly,’ derived from the traditional, radiate new vitality is ‘Tongrentang’ brand image and visual communication concept. In the packaging structure and process, very simple, ‘heaven and earth’ open box, environmental health. The graphic process uses more traditional hot stamping, UV, and other relief mashup technology and many other, saving the cost.”


Designed by: Lu Shuihua, Sun Bo

Country: China