Dave's Killer Bread

Fifteen years in prison will change a man. For Dave Dahl, it was for the better — upon his release he rejoined the family business, Nature Bake, and started dreaming up healthy, 100% organic bread that’s seeded all the way around. And thus Dave’s Killer Bread was born. The Oregon-based company is now the best-selling organic bread in the United States, and Flowers Foods announces their agreement this month to acquire Dave’s Killer Bread.

Allen L Shiver, Flowers’ president and chief executive officer states, "We are very excited about the pending acquisition of Dave's Killer Bread. This is a well-positioned, fast growing company with excellent brand equity and an on-trend organic portfolio that appeals to today's consumers. The Dahl family and Goode Partners have built a great brand with a commitment to quality and community, two attributes that Flowers values tremendously. We are especially pleased to welcome the Dave's Killer Bread team members who will bring expertise and experience to our company."

CEO John Tucker shared similar sentiments in a post to fans on Facebook: “Ten years ago, after 50 years in business as a small regional bakery called Nature Bake, we took a little, experimental product to the Portland Farmer’s Market: Dave’s Killer Bread. It was the first of its kind – healthy, delicious, nutrition-packed, 100% organic bread, seeded all the way around and through for killer taste and texture. To our surprise, the bread was an instant hit. We’ve been working our butts off ever since trying to keep up. There’s no way we could have predicted how much people would fall in love with our product, and our mission. In fact, as word has spread and demand grown, we’ve had trouble keeping up. It takes a special bakery to bake the Dave’s Killer Bread way – you’ve got to have the right equipment, the right people and the right heart. That’s why the partnership with Flowers Foods couldn’t come at a better time.”

As a buyer of Dave’s Killer Bread, it will be exciting to see where this acquisition takes the them in the future. The bread is delicious, but it’s ultimately the story behind it that makes the brand. Mixing a real-life story with a touch of humor (“Just say no to bread on drugs!”), Dave’s Killer Bread is making the steps towards even bigger success for the brand.


Country: United States