Megalo Beer

What better way to say thank you than with beer? Megalo Design created this beer by carefully curating the perfect flavored beer and than later designing a label that showcased Megalo Design. A fun self-promotion for their clients and partners. 

"Every year's ending, we strive to create a special gift to thank our clients for the partnership and to welcome the new year that's coming. In 2014, we choose beer as a manner to celebrate the fellowship in a casual way."

"In a project that gathered all the team, we researched a lot until we could find a flavor that identified Megalodesign. After choosing the perfect beer, we developed the label with a manual lettering printed directly on the bottle, highlighting the handmade idea of the beverage. And to make the present even nicer, we also developed a key ring that works as a bottle opener, too!"

Designed by: Megalo Design
Client: Megalodesign - Self Promotion 
Country: Brasil