Roca Patrón

Roca Patrón, is a new tequila from the Patron family. Designed by Pearlfisher, Roca Patrón needed to speak to the way the tequila is produced and stand apart as the new artisanal line of tequila and stay in-line with the Patrón line.  


"The product is handcrafted to achieve a higher proof than the core line of Patrón tequilas, and, as such, is positioned between Patrón and Gran Patrón. To reflect this, Pearlfisher created a premium structure that cues the iconic Patrón bottle but elevates it, using a heavier glass base, transparent body and angular shoulders. A rope and medallion rest on the neck of the bottle, signifying the traditional tahona process and labor used to make the spirit. "

“The design for Roca Patrón speaks to the craft behind the spirit in ways that few other spirits brands do. Physical cues like the rope stone medallion evoke the tahona process while the shape of the bottle and the iconic Patrón bee ensure consumers that Roca is part of the Patrón family. We’re excited to watch the new design support brand growth with existing lovers of Patrón and, increasingly, with craft spirit connoisseurs.”  

Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher Creative Director

Designed by: Pearlfisher
Creative Director: Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher
Founder and CCO: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher  
Founder and CEO: Mike Branson, Pearlfisher