Trending: Limited Color Palettes

Getting a design brief with a limit on printed colors may seem like a negative but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes one or two color printing makes more of a statement than four. These limited color palettes have a boldness, contrast, and liveliness that would otherwise be smothered by an open color range.

Bully Boy Distillers

2 27 12 bully5

Hiball Energy Drink


London 2012

2 17 12 london1

Just Cook Foods


Tesco Tea


Offline Games


Adams & Harlow

04 04 12 ah1

Student Spotlight: Frank Lloyd Wright

03 15 12 frank5


Thisisdiel 1

Aqua Monaco

01 11 11 aqua4

Pirie Tasmania Wine

Piriewinediel 1




Gina Angie