Prince Street Cafe

As Lancaster City, Pennsylvania experiences a cultural revitilization, Prince Street has been an essential part of its growth. The Infantree partnered with owner, Crystal Weaver in creating a full brand experience for Prince Street Cafe. The resault is a stunning space (we can practically smell the coffee already) and beautiful packaging design. More of Prince Street Cafe Story after the jump! 



"Prince Street Cafe is a restaurant and coffee bar in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Lancaster city is experiencing a cultural revitalization and Prince Street has been a central part of that growth. It provides a casual atmosphere outside of home and work to enjoy friends and great food.

Despite its solid reputation, Crystal Weaver saw more opportunities to grow the brand. Her other partners were content with the profit the cafe was making, but Crystal saw a business in need of a well-timed refresh. In early 2012 she made the bold move to buy out her other partners and shoulder the risk of positioning the cafe for the future.

We wanted a complete brand experience, not one limited to paper or screens. Through the combination of space planning, interior design and graphic design we were able to create a space that feels more like Brooklyn than humble Lancaster County. And customers have embraced it. So much so that since opening in July, the cafe has experienced a continued increase in sales of 30%. Now that's success!"

Designed by The Infantree, Lancaster, PA.