Atomic Coffee Roasters

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Nothing says good morning like the deep, rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee made from fresh roasted coffee beans. The nuclear community of Port Hope, Ontario was to become home to its first ever coffee roaster located within Mercury Chocolates. Local owners, Darren Johns and Duncan Mackinnon knew that the magic of their beans wouldn't go far if not supported by a novel approach.





"At Limelight we were able to explore the universe for a suitable market position and name. As a result, Limelight turned 'nuclear' into a fresh roasted, freshly brewed positive for the company coming up with the name, Atomic Roasters. Being a startup and micro business, budgets were modest. The identity and packaging took on a “retro” look. Banners, signage, promotions and the company blog are supported by the owners' own wry wit as “space, science and exploration” puns abound.

Since launch time Atomic Roasters coffee is considered the best roasted in the community... and the micro-business appreciates its “out of this world” compliments. Furthermore, freshly brewed and counter sales of this brand are a welcome adjunct and attraction to Mercury Chocolate’s core product – hand-made truffles. It’s been a blast naming the roaster and finding a positioning within the region for this micro- business. Following through with such a fun and novel brand image, and then creating affordable packaging solutions has allowed Atomic Roasters to quickly grab the attention of the market and get pulled from the shelves. Watch while Atomic Roasters rockets its way into your home."

Designed by Ontario based Limelight.


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