Frogfile Packaging by Change


When Change
repackaged Harbor 100 exclusively for online retailer Frogfile, their
goal was to maximize the perception of their paper as an environmentally superior copy paper and “assuage
consumer’s ‘paper waste guilt”. Their solution brings the playfulness
of children’s cereal packaging into the office environment.

Since copy paper brands
are largely interchangeable, indistinguishable and driven by price, we
sought to create packaging that would assuage consumer's 'paper waste
guilt'. Our unique and elegant solution was to use the principles of
origami; Each wrapper becomes a ' fold by numbers' origami project
resulting in an origami tree! Office workers can build a small forest
on their desks as a humorous reminder that they are indeed making a
difference. Additionally, when stacked, the paper packs create a spruce
tree design, complete with a birds nest!