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Check Out The Beautiful Packaging for Clicquot Arrow

One of the most famous luxury champagne brands, Veuve Cliquot is no stranger to creating unique editions of their products that come in highly covetable packaging solutions. We’ve seen them do this with their Clicquot Mail Collection, Clicquot Fridge, Fashionably Clicquot, and now with Clicquot Arrow. SERVAIRE&CO was the agency responsible for bringing this wonderful arrow-shaped collector’s edition packaging to life.

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This Lineup of Foods from Liberty London Highlights the Suppliers & Makers

You normally don’t associate big time retailers with small-scale producers and suppliers, but that’s what makes Liberty London’s first food range such a standout. Their goal was to find small and unique food producers who feel passionate about their products and use only the finest ingredients. Branded by & SMITH, the packaging truly makes an impact on the over 50 products, with work from 14 illustrators.

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