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Behind the Design for Bloom Farms Luxurious Cannabis Hand Rolls

When Bloom Farms first approached Pavement nearly three years ago, Michael Hester, Principal & Creative Director, felt hesitant to take on this new client. Cannabis was (and arguably still is) a bit of a polarizing subject. By working with Bloom Farms, the agency has helped pave the way for more luxury cannabis items that don’t rely on the stoner stereotype, including these elegant hand rolls. We chatted with Mike about working with packaging that has such a small surface area, cannabis regulations, and the process for expanding the brand.

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The Astrobrights Red Packet 2017 Collection Will Bring You Good Luck

Find some good luck in the New Year! For their 5th year designing collections for the Chinese New Year, Hong Kong studio Blow has crafted up some truly stunning packets with absolutely exquisite details. We asked Ken Lo, Founder & Design Director of Blow, some questions to learn more about this year’s process, exploring design ideas, and printing techniques.

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The Unique Way Flood Creative Design Agency Brings Ideas to Life

Flood Creative is not a run-of-the-mill design agency. When new brands approach them, the Flood team is prepared to build it from scratch, and they have successfully turned underperforming brands around and given them new life. Paula Grant, Founder and CEO, Stuart Whitworth, Chief Creative Officer, and Renée Whitworth, Strategic director sat down with us to explain more about Flood Creative’s process and how they balance the interests of the team and their clients.

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