Check Out The "Freakshow" With This Wine


Makers & Allies created this expressively illustrated wine label for Freakshow Zinfandel.

“The Freakshow Zinfandel is the newest of the 'Freakshow' wines by Michael David Winery in Lodi, California. The brand is known for its bright colors and unconventional design that celebrates the strange - reflecting, in many ways, the Michael David Winery team itself.”


“Since Lodi is particularly known for its Zinfandel, we knew that we needed to create a design that stood out from the other Freakshow varietals, and from the other wines on the shelf.

The design features a custom illustrated, bold female Fire Breather, and is embellished with gold foil, sculpted embossing, and spot varnish. The entire label is full of colorful characters and fun small details waiting to be discovered!”


Designed By: Makers & Allies

Client: Michael David Winery

Printing: Multi-Color Napa

Location: San Luis Obispo, USA