Fanta Debuts Adorable Cans Just In Time For Halloween


We love these absolutely adorably illustrated Fanta cans that are here just in time for Halloween.

“Each year, Fanta releases a series of limited-edition soda cans to celebrate Halloween. We were thrilled to be chosen by Coca-Cola to create this year’s campaign. The result is a deliciously wicked assortment of bottles, cans, and multi-packs that stylishly capture the spine-tingling spirit of the season. Available now for a limited time wherever Fanta products are sold.”


Designed By: Mattson Creative

Designer: Luke Bott

Creative Director: Ty Mattson

Design Firm: Mattson Creative

Client: Coca-Cola

Creative Lead, Coca-Cola Design: Yiwen Lu

Project Manager, Coca-Cola: Alison Bates

Location: California