Smart Hit Supplements Are Shaking Up The Market With Bold Geometric Packaging


Critical designed the geometric packaging for Smart Hit, a dietary supplement brand. With a bold color scheme along with black shapes, the design stands out within the market.


“Smart Hit is the first liposomal vitamin formula in Lithuanian supplement market. This formula has better vitamin observation than the regular vitamins, therefore it is a smart choice.

Smart Hit SKU family has 5 products featuring different properties. To enhance individual product specifications different colours and patterns were applied. Each pattern is unique and dynamic inducing consumer to analyse and recognise afterwards. The design solutions matches the revolutionary product. Both mathematically detailed.”


“As the product is innovative the infographic schemes are used to explain liposomal formula on the side B of the packaging. The illustration visualises the benefits of the formula and how it works, introduces the other Smart Hit products.”


Design: Critical

Client: Valentis Pharma


Location: Vilnius, LIthuania