Chon Choner Wants to Take You On a Trip To Vietnam


Chon Choner is a well-known coffee line from Mr. Viet that features playful illustrations.

“Kopi Luwak (better known as Chon in Vietnam) is a type of coffee famous for a specific way of its processing. It is deemed to be one of the most expensive varieties of coffee in the world.”


“The goal: Pass the feeling of exotics, emphasize the animal image. Develop a premium and at the same time welcoming image. Explain to the customer that it is exotic coffee from Vietnam.

Solution: We have decided to tell about the product through a picture. Exotic environment and the animal image are self-explanatory.”


Project Owner: Anastasiya Guseva

Art Direction, Design, Photography: Yura Podryadov

Illustration: Anna Abwehr

Location: Vietnam