Feature Article Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Dieline!

The Dieline is the premiere packaging and branding design resource on the web, and if you have an article or idea for an article that might be a good fit then we would love to hear more about it. We accept submissions year-round, and below are guidelines to help you better understand what we’re looking for.

If we had to pinpoint what we’d like to see, it’s this: something different. Something we haven’t featured on the site before, an angle we haven’t covered, a piece from your unique perspective or experience. While the examples listed by each category below should give you a rough idea of what we like, we are incredibly excited to see new and innovative posts added in there, too.

In general, we’re interested in features that are between 500-800 words. This is not a strict requirement, but posts that exceed this amount may end up broken into a series. We have 4 editorial categories that you can submit to:


News + Trends — the latest in packaging and branding design, including insightful articles on the changing landscape of the industry.

Examples: What California’s Prop 64 Means for Package Designers, Where Price and Pretty Meet: The Implications for Name Brands in the Wake of Private Label Love, Love Index: How Brands Earn (and Sustain) Our Love


Tips + Advice — how to's and practical advice for designers and entrepreneurs.

Examples: 7 Key Packaging Tips for New Business Startups in 2016, Using Archetypes in Package Design, Essential Design: How it Works, Going Freelance


In-Depth + Behind-the-Scenes — a closer look at an agency, its work, a brand, a design school, etc.

Examples: The New Fragrance Experience: Q&A With Hawthorne for Men, Beyond Branding: How Absolut Elyx Created a Brand Experience, The Lost Art of the Opening Ceremony


Collections — a roundup of amazing packaging/branding with an overall theme.

Examples: Stranger Things Product Placement: The Definitive Guide, Inauguration Day: Non-Profit Designs We Love, American Pride Collection


Additionally, we assign an overarching theme to The Dieline each quarter. This theme is not advertised or mentioned on the site, and we will happily accept articles on any topic throughout the year—but on our end, the quarterly theme offers us some direction with our editorial choices. Pieces that are well-suited to one of the following themes have a higher chance of standing out to us and finding a natural fit in our editorial calendar.


Quarter 1 — The Future of Design

Quarter 2 — Women in Design

Quarter 3 — The Dieline Awards

Quarter 4 — TBA


Additionally, we require:

That your submission is original and not published anywhere else. Submissions that are plagiarism will be ignored, as will articles that have appeared in other publications, online or in print.

That your article provides an inherent value to readers and is not merely promotional. It’s certainly fine to highlight your/your agency’s/your brand’s work, but if that is the main focus of your piece then you may want to consider sponsorship with The Dieline instead.

Links to previous writing work if you are submitting a pitch only. This will help give us a sense of your voice and abilities as a writer. Once the finished article is submitted, its publication status hinges on the quality of the piece.

Images to accompany your piece. Be prepared to provide hi-res imagery we will have the rights to publish in order to enhance your article. Articles with poor quality images or no images at all will not be published.


Why should you submit to The Dieline?

The Dieline is the gold standard to which agencies, designers, and brands turn to for advice and inspiration. Getting published on our site is an opportunity to further establish yourself as an authority in the design world. However, The Dieline is not just a blog—we host events throughout the year, including The Dieline Conference alongside HOW Design Live, and organize The Dieline Awards, a competition that recognizes the absolute best in packaging design. Ultimately, a published piece on The Dieline contributes to the design community as a whole.

If your pitch or article is accepted, you will be contacted via email. A headshot, bio, and any applicable links will be included in the published article The Dieline, and we will advertise it on our social media channels, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


If you would like to submit to The Dieline, please email Theresa at: theresa@dielinemedia.com. For pitches, please include the title “Pitch: [title]”. For article submissions, please include the title: “Article: [title]”.

Please note that we do not currently offer compensation for accepted articles.

We strive to respond to every submission, but if you don’t hear from us in 8 weeks then feel free to re-submit your pitch or article.


Updated 1/27/17